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    On site oil vacuum dehydration-filtration

    Cost effective, no outage, no hazardous waste,
    and a higher oil specification

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    Transformer Oil Analysis

    Routine, Dissolved Gas, Furans, PCB and Particles.

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    Transformer Desiccant Breathers

    Managing moisture levels

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    Transformer Inspection and Sampling


Eden Transformer Oil

Since August 1985 Eden have been testing and maintaining the insulating liquids and electrical oils in transformers and switchgear in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany. Eden provides the end-to-end services and products to maintain transformer oil, MIDEL 7131 and silicon insulating liquid. On our page “Why Maintain Oil”, we highlight how Eden can provide a safe, economical and environmentally sound solution to maintaining transformers.

Eden do not just treat electrical oil, we can also supply new transformer oil and insulating liquids, desiccant breathers and consumables used for maintaining transformers and switchgear.

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  • Eden Tranformer Oil Treatment

    Purification vs Replacement of oil

    Vacuum dehydration-filtration of the transformer oil, or insulating liquid, in situ results in a higher specification of liquid, and the process significantly reduces moisture in the transformer's insulation paper and board.

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    Immediate Benefits

    As no new virgin products are used there is an instant benefit to the environment even before considerations such as the impact of international transportation and the refining processes are taken into account.

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    Increased Productivity

    Vacuum dehydration-filtration works most effectively whilst the transformer is energised. Working live means there is no loss of productivity to the equipment that is served by the transformer.

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    Direct Financial Benefits

    Typically, Eden can deploy a mobile regeneration plant to restore the insulating oil for less than half the total cost of replacement. The costs differential for MIDEL7131 or Silicon liquid is even greater.

Mobile Purification Plant

Eden has been
treating transformer
oil on-site since 1985.

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Testing Service

We can provide an on
site or off site service at
your convenience.

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