Portable Bund Filter


Portable Transformer Bund Filter

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A bund is essentially an enclosed area that has been designed to hold 110% of the oil contained in storage tanks and electrical equipment within its walls. In the event that rainwater enters the bunded area the bund’s volume will be reduced and given that oil is less dense than water and will therefore float it is entire legitimate to assume that left unresolved a bunds will not prevent oil from contaminating the surrounding environment.

Eden Transformer Oil has a product to address this issue, the filter ‘sock’ to be held in readiness as described below.

By separating the rainwater from any oils present it is possible to avoid bulk vacuum tankers and remove contaminants from bunds that are less accessible or need to be managed in an emergency. The outer plastic sock contains filters that can hold 10-20 litres of oil and separate it from the water to undetectable levels whilst also collecting 99% of sediment. Designed for lower levels of contamination the sock provides a convenient and quick solution to clearing water logged bunds.

The sock comes rolled for easy transport and when needed roll out to 3 metres long by 50 cm wide.

Please note: This product is designed for the clearing of water logged bunds that contain lower levels of contamination. It is not ideal for clearing a major oil spill.

Key features

  • Portable, simple and quick – can be deployed instantly by two people.
  • Reusable for up to 20 litres of contamination.
  • No need to tanker water away.
  • Less risk of pollution.
  • Safe, dry working environment.
  • Maintains bund capacity.

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