Dry Ice Cleaning with dry CO2

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015.

Dry Ice Cleaning of LIVE transformers

Eden are pleased to announce the latest service to our offering.

Eden has specialised in the supply and maintenance of electrical oils since 1985, during that time we have witnessed many transformers and switchgear being cleaned with jet washes or grit.

Both of these options are potentially damaging and require an outage; due to the non-conductive quality of dry CO2 pellets, it is ideal to be used throughout all industrial sectors, not just high voltage electrical equipment.

When propelling the dry CO2 pellets at high velocity, the impact and resulting 7,000 times expansion in to CO2 gas eliminates the bond between the dirt and the transformer exterior, leaving the transformer clean and dry.

Link to: Dry Ice Cleaning web page

Mobile Purification Plant

Eden has been
treating transformer
oil on-site since 1985.

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Testing Service

We can provide an on
site or off site service at
your convenience.

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