New Product : Sump Pallets

on Wednesday, 29 January 2014.

Four drum sump pallets

A cost effective and reliable solution to ensuring compliance to Control of Pollution (Oil Storage)(England Regulations 2001,(OSR England).

The salient points are:-

  • The regulations apply to containers greater than 200 litres.
  • Oil must be stored in a container which is of sufficient strength and structural integrity to ensure that it is unlikely to burst or leak in its ordinary use.
  • The container must be situated within a secondary containment system.
  • Where a drum is used for the storage of oil in conjunction with a drip tray as the secondary containment system, it is sufficient if the tray has a capacity of not less than 25% of the drum’s storage capacity; or if there is more than one drum used at the same time with the tray, the aggregate storage capacity of the drums.
  • The Environment Agency document also recommends labelling and consideration of rainwater on steel drums.

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Four drum sump pallet

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